Cheryl Langdon-Orr,

Managing Director of Hovtek Pty Limited (a.c.n. 58003302789), with Tertiary qualifications in Biological Sciences, (Macquarie University), Psychology and Physiology.

A committed Internet user, both professionally and recreational. She is a member of the International Internet Society ISOC (representing her Companies membership) and a Director, and Hon Treasurer, of the Australian Chapter (ISOC-AU), and believes that the communication and business opportunities that the Internet offers for cost effective global use, and recognition of it as both a public asset and an openly accessible resource needs the application of cautious and continuous care and diligence. She and her Company are Founding Members of the Electronic Communities Networking Association (ECNA).

She has a specific interest in Domain Name issues and has been involved with several online lists and working groups in this area, she is a member, as Business and Individual Consumer Representative, and current Chair of the .au Domain Name Industry self Regulatory Panel involved in the Industries Code of Practice, and a voting member (representative class) and Director of .au Domain Administration (auDA) a National non-profit company, formed in April 1999 acting as the industry self-regulatory body administering the .au namespace. And represents ISOC-AU and the auDA Board on the National Reference Group for the Community Gateways Pilot Project, for geographic name use in the DNS, along with other agencies including the CGNA, ALGA, ACOS, States and Territory representatives from peak government IT/Online Council representatives, NOIE representation on behalf of the Federal Government.

Cheryl is a Founder Member and Executive Committee Member, holding the current office of Treasurer, of the NSW Trade Efficiency Association {NSWTEA}. She is also a Founding Director of the Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee, Sydney Trade Point the first of several regional Trade Points planned for NSW. The NSWTEA was formed under the auspices of the Trade Efficiency Initiative, launched in February 1992 at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Within Hovtek, her role is that of both Company Executive Director focusing on strategic planning for projects including Aid Funded Procurement projects, regionally themed and custom resources & publications, customer service, and online education services. Her current focus includes the development of Communities of Interest (encompassing verticals, horizontal markets and marketplaces) within the Internet to maximise the use of this media by a wider group of specifically Australian and relevant International companies and organisations particularly those in the Micro, Start-up and SME category in both developed and developing/emerging economies.

Experienced and trained in logistical challenges such as disaster management and counter disaster planning; She has been instrumental in the successful organisation of many national conferences, product launches and media events. She is a Board member of the Community Care Branch of St John Ambulance Australia, currently undertaking a literacy education program in Australian schools, and a companionship program for elderly in institutions and homes. In addition to her role as a Staff Officer {G3} with over 30 years volunteer service with St John Ambulance Australia NSW, she is currently the coordinator for the NSW based working group for moving the complexity of their volunteer services, administration and membership activities online.

Cheryl is a guest lecturer at several institutions and guest speaker at a variety of local, state, national and international conferences and organisations. In addition to being author and co-author of a wide variety of publications, papers, proceedings and documents including protocols and practices used for accreditation, quality management, and OHS&R purposes.

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